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The rules

Make sure the image you upload follows these 5 rules, and you are good to go to join the NOFAME club!

1. Size matters

Trust me, your face looks much better without the big pixels. Make sure the image has a resolution that is big enough to look sharp when printed on a shirt.

2. File format

Please make sure the image you upload is a normal image file, like .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG

3. Your face

The most important part. Make sure your face is clearly visible. Optimally from the front and big enough to fill the whole image. Don’t cover your face with a mask or any big accessories. No group photos. And most importantly: It has to be YOU, and not a photo you found on the internet 😉

4. Stay clean

Please respect that we cannot accept any politically incorrect, hateful, racist, or otherwise inappropriate signs. Just act normal and smile!

5. Have fun!

Keep in mind that your face will be worn and seen somewhere around the world, and that you will receive a shirt with a face of an unknown person which you might like or not like. NOFAME is a concept that doesn’t take itself too serious, and neither should you! Have fun and enjoy wearing your NOFAME shirt with pride!

NOFAME Fashion

Simon Rahm

Jan Steenstraat 20a

5025 NG Tilburg

The Netherlands