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“Did i read that right?”

Yes you did. You will get a T-shirt with a random person on it, while an other person somewhere around the world will have your face on his or her T-shirt. Exciting! Here are some frequently asked questions:

Do I get the same person that gets me?

No, the person on your tshirt is a different one than the person that receives your face.

What if I don’t like the person on my T-shirt?

Everyone is beautiful! Take into account that you will get a completely random person, and you cannot choose gender, skin color, looks, etc. And thats the beauty of it! So please be open to all kinds of people, regardless if you like their looks or not. We make sure that there is nothing inappropriate on it, according to our guidelines.

Can I buy a T-shirt without sending in a photo of me?

Don’t be shy! Without the photo-swap, this whole idea is only half the fun!

Do I need to be concerned about privacy?

The only things that are displayed on the tshirt will be your photo, the city and country you are from. Apart from that, the other person receives no other information about you. So no need to be afraid of a stalker.

Where do you ship to?

Every place that has a postcode! Keep in mind that shipping costs will be added.

Can I order more shirts at once?

Even if more shirts will be ordered at once, the file upload is only one time, so your uploaded photo will be used for more than one other shirt. But yes, it’s possible.

How long does it take until I get my T-shirt?

Unlike typical T-shirt companies that mass-print the same motive and have stock ready in a warehouse, NOFAME shirts are unique, so every single shirt needs to be designed, printed and shipped twice. This is why it can even take some weeks until the shirt finally arrives at your front door. Hopefully the waiting will be worth it!

NOFAME Fashion

Simon Rahm

Jan Steenstraat 20a

5025 NG Tilburg

The Netherlands